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​​​Health care begins early in life and last a long time.

Many of you have started a new health care plan.  For many of you this mean a higher deductible than before along with the added stress of  having to pay the ultrasound test in full and the added burden of shopping around for the most affordable price.

​We at Happy Heart Imaging value all our patients and understand that not everyone has health insurance or the coverage that they would like.

Happy Heart Imaging Service can keep your health cost low by offering quality imaging along with peace of mind and in the budget prices.

With the rising cost of health care Happy Heart Imaging Service can help you and your family members save money by preventing major health problems before they occur.  Our mission is to provide affordable and accurate knowledge through health screenings which will empower people to make better decisions and take actions to improve and maintain their health and standard  of living.

What a joy and a remarkable blessing to have the 3D4D technology to see and bond with your unborn baby before he or she is even born.  Hearts are truly drawn together through this unforgettable viewing experience.  What a pleasure to be able to give that experience to families.

Our desire at Happy Heart Imaging Service is to bring meaningful services into the lives of families and helping them to experience JOY and maintain  their quality and standard of living with in the budget prices.

​​Come see us and we promise to make you feel right at home.