In need of an ultrasound?  Have health insurance and still cannot afford it because you have not met your deductible, or an ultrasound exam is not covered by your insurance, the medical imaging center your medical provider is sending you  for an ultrasound is not in the network or maybe you are without health insurance.

 Medicaid share of cost is no insurance coverage until the day the patients healthcare expenses exceed their share of cost and coverage begin until the end of the month. On the first day of the next month they are again without coverage until their healthcare expenses exceed their share of cost.

Pricing and cost are crucial to people and getting quality care for less is more important than ever.

Our prices can ease your financial burden and help you get that needed test as recommended by your healthcare Provider.  

Today's higher deductibles and co-pays make choosing the right diagnostic testing facility essential for controlling costs.  Both Insured and Uninsured patients often pay higher out of pocket expenses for diagnostic tests due to out of network  or an ultasound exam not covered by your health insurance  which means you could pay part or all of the diagnostic ultrasound exam.

Check your coordinated benefits in your health insurance manual or call your health insurance company for approval and reimbursement process.

Be sure to compare pricing before you schedule your ultrasound exam elsewhere. We're sure that you will find Happy Heart Imaging Service will be the best value for your diagnostic ultrasound imaging and we are committed to providing excellent cost-effective ultrasound service in the area.

We have  a board certified Radiologist to read with the same day turnaround time.

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