Preventive Health Screenings


          Health ​​​​​​Screening Options

                                CAROTID ARTERY SCREENING

A stroke is caused when there is disruption of the blood flow to the brain due to a build-up of

plaque.  The screening exam will allow you to see in your arteries in your neck to evaluate for plaque build-up.

                                ABDOMINAL AORTA ANEURYSM (AAA)

An aneurysm is a weaking of the arterial wall causing it to expand.  The screening exam will

include an ultrasound of your abdomen to evaluate the size of the abdominal aorta.

                                ANKLE-BRACHIAL INDEX (ABI)

The ABI is used to detect the presence of peripheral arterial disease, which is a condition in which fatty material collects along the walls of arteries in the extermities and interupt blood flow.  The screening is painless and are performed by measuring and comparing blood pressure in the arms and lower legs.

                                GALLBLADDER SCREENING

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that stores and concentrates bile.  Ultrasound can detect

suspected gallstones, cysts, sludge, cancer mass and other disorders.

                               KIDNEY SCREENING

A kidney ultrasound is performed to measure the kidneys to make sure they aren't enlarged, to look for stones, masses, fluid collection, cyst, infection and other disorders.

                              THYROID SCREENING

The thyroid located in the front of the neck, helps set an individual metabolism.  If a person has thyroid disease, his body uses energy more slowly or quickly than it should.  An ultrasound scan of the thyroid is used to help diagnose a lump in the thyroid or one that is not functioning properly.

                               PROSTATE SCREENING

The main purpose of prostate exam is to screen for cancer.  An ultrasound to determine the size of the prostate.  A full bladder is required allowing better visualization of the prostate gland.  Most of the common symptoms of prostate cancer involve the urinary system and include:  "not being able to urinate: having a hard time stopping or starting the flow of urine; 

needing to urinate often, especially at night; weak flow of urine, urine flow that starts and stop;

pain or burning upon urnination.


This is an ultrasound test that can evaluate the size of your heart and how well your heart's chambers and  valves are working.  It is one of the most widely used diagnostic tests for heart disease.

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